What is the Appetite?
1-50 Attorney Firms.
Standard Areas of Practice
Up to $5M Limits
Minimum Premium and Retention around $1,000
Also Doing Excess on All Sizes up to $15M in Limits
No IP, Real Estate Focused Firms or Collections Focused Firms.

Supplementary payments for disciplinary proceedings built into the form($25,000 each insured / $100,000aggregate)
Duty to defend / pay on behalf
No minimum earned premium clause
Damages definition silent on punitive damages
Coverage for Of Counsel and Independent Contractors working on behalf of the Named Insured
Spousal, domestic partner, heirs and estate coverage
Automatic predecessor firm coverage
Coverage for publications or presentations of research papers
Carve back to provide coverage for mental anguish or emotional distress arising from Personal Injury
Final adjudication wording in fraud exclusion
Innocent Insured clause
Mediation may result in reduction of the retention by one-half
Insured may settle claims within retention without consent
“Soon as practicable” notice wording (within 30 days from the end of the policy period)
Bi-lateral Discovery Period
Discovery Period election available for 60 days following the policy period
Discovery Period options of 1-year, 2-year, 3-year, 5-year and unlimited
Individual attorney Discovery Period options
Automatic (no additional premium) Discovery Period for death or totally and permanently disabled individual attorneys
Worldwide policy
Optional coverage may be available:
Claims expense in addition to the limit of liability
Title Agency coverage
Aggregate deductible
First dollar defense
Mutual selection of counsel
50/50 Hammer amendment
Sub-limited regulatory claims coverage
Privacy / Network Security coverage