Founders Pro is pleased to announce several planned enhancements that were implemented to better serve our agents.

On the technology side we have finished the implementation of a new agency management system called AIM. After just one week of use, we have already begun to enjoy the benefits of utilizing one platform to manage our workflow.

In concert with the implementation of AIM we have continued to hire & promote high level staff to support our growth. Luka Balint has joined Founders Pro to help support the team run by Tracye Keen. Luka is our new Operations Assistant, which was previously handled by Justin Jones.

The small business unit run by Chris Monfort continues to grow and we needed more help! We have promoted Justin Jones to become part of this team. Justin formerly handled the role of operations assistant. In addition Jaimee Williams will be transferring into the small business unit. Jaimee has worked as operations assistant and assistant broker on the Health care team. Jaimee will be assisting with law firm submissions while Justin will be assisting with miscellaneous professional submissions.

The healthcare team managed by Linda Wright and her team of Kris Steuart have been busy as well helping our agents grow. We are pleased to announce the transfer of Kayla Balint onto this team. Kayla has a healthcare background and is the perfect fit for this complex role. Kayla previously worked as assistant broker in the small business unit.

We are confident all of these enhancements will support our efforts in helping our agents win more business. Below is a little bit of background and bio information of AIM and our team.

Stay tuned! Founders Pro has been busy working hard to help you write more business. We have several exciting opportunities in the mix that we hope to announce soon!

Robb Williams


Kayla Balint kayla@founderspro.com

Kayla joined Founders Pro in July 2013 working with Chris Monfort in the small business unit handling all types of professional liability including law firms, title agents, and insurance agents. Kayla has a background in health facilities management and focuses on delivering the highest quality of customer service.

Kayla earned a bachelor of applied science in Health Services Administration from St. Petersburg College and will be attending PLUS University in August, 2014.

Kayla will be working with Linda Wright and Kris Steuart who focus on the placement of medical professional, regulatory liability and ancillary lines for the healthcare, Management Liability Life Sciences, and social service industries.

Luka Balint luka@founderspro.com

Luka joined Founders Pro in April 2014 as the Operations Assistant. Previously she worked at the Florida Spine Institute as a supervisor and was responsible for various functions related to the operation of a healthcare practice consisting of 11 different physicians, neurosurgeons, orthopedics, physical medicine and rehabilitation, pain management, and neurology.

Luka will be attending St. Petersburg College in pursuit of a Business Administration Degree. Luka will be working with Tracye Keen and Cindy Snyders in support of operations and workflow.

Justin Jones justin@founderspro.com

Justin joined Founders Pro in August of 2013 after spending several years as a retail agent specializing in employee benefits. He brings along an extensive back ground in the areas of sales, marketing, and superior customer service. Justin recently held the operations assistant position and was promoted due to his track record of providing excellent customer service to our agents. .

Justin earned his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from The University of Central Florida.

Justin will be working with Chris Monfort in the area of miscellaneous professional liability.

Jaimee Williams jaimee@founderspro.com

Jaimee joined Founders Pro in January of 2012 working as the operations assistant. In March of 2013, Jaimee transitioned into the Assistant Broker role in the Healthcare unit with Linda Wright and Kris Steuart handling the placement of medical professional, regulatory liability, and ancillary lines for all healthcare related industries.

Jaimee earned a Bachelor’s of Arts and Sciences in Psychology at the University of South Florida, and attended PLUS University in August 2013.

Jaimee will be working with Chris Monfort in the small business unit handling the placement of Lawyers Professional Liability.

Founders Implements AIM Software system to better serve our Agents

We have implemented the flexible and user-friendly AIM™ management system, streamlining all front end activities including quoting, routine correspondence, binding, policy issuance and policy management. The result is a more productive workforce, enhanced customer service and more time to write more business for our agents. We believe this new agency management system will provide faster turnaround time on submissions to shorten time to markets, and allow your team flexibility to get information anytime, anywhere.