In late August, through the tireless volunteer efforts of many, Operation Toy Hunt, a very giving charity, collected 970 toys and donated them all to Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital. That put a lot of smiles on sick children’s’ faces!

Of the 970 toys, 597 toys were collected at a fundraising event. This was the first year the charity had an organized fundraiser to help collect toys.  National specialty insurance wholesaler, Founders Professional, was a big sponsor for the fundraising event and many of their employees attended the event to lend a hand. Founders Professional provided food for the 125+ people that attended the fundraiser.  Founders Professional has always been a big supporter of Operation Toy Hunt, supporting them since they first started collecting toys four years ago.  All proceeds generated by the fundraising efforts of Operation Toy Hunt are intended to go toward the general fund at All Children’s Hospital Foundation which provides for the greatest financial need of the organization at the given time period.


About Operation Toy Hunt: Operation Toy Hunt is a charity that was started as a result of the efforts of Sean and Amy Martin and their son Huntley.  When Huntley was born he spent 28 days in the NICU fighting for his life.  Through the tireless efforts of the staff at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital, Huntley was able to beat the odds and head home. As a 4-year-old boy, he still visits Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital on a weekly basis for therapies and follow up medical care.  When Huntley’s first birthday was nearing, the family wanted to give back to a place that had given so much to them. They decided to collect toys for the children in the hospital, instead of birthday gifts, and that’s how Huntley’s toy drive and Operation Toy Hunt began.

About Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital: Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital is a non-profit, 501 C(3) organization focused on providing quality healthcare for All Children – regardless of a family’s ability to pay. They are a regional referral center for the sickest of the sick children and strive to provide leadership in pediatric healthcare through treatment, education, advocacy and research.