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January 4, 2021

CapSpecialty’s Architects and Engineers professional liability product is designed for professional design and
engineering firms, with a particular focus on those that have experienced a severe claim event or a frequency
of claims in their recent history. CapSpecialty’s underwriting team understands each insured has a story
and remains committed to analyzing each firm’s distinct loss history, including the circumstances that gave
rise to the claim, the insured’s assessment of the situation and the remedial measures enacted to prevent

Product Highlights

Flexible underwriting
• Target premiums: $10,000 and above
• Claims-made, duty to defend coverage
• Robust insuring agreements, including:
― Media Wrongful Act
― Personal Injury
― Pollution incident
― Professional Services Wrongful Act
― Security or Privacy Incident
― Technology Wrongful Act
• Primary and Excess capabilities (including specific project excess)
― Excess only in California and South Florida
• Supplementary Payments section including: Disciplinary Proceedings, Regulatory Proceedings, Loss of Earnings, Network and Privacy Breach Costs, Pre-Claim Assistance and Subpoena Defense Costs


Target Risks

Targeting professional design and engineering firms including architects, interior designers, surveyors, civil engineers, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, HVAC engineers, forensic engineers and structural engineers
• Revenue of $100k to $100M
• Have an appetite for firms with claim frequency and/or severity in their history
• Willing to consider a wide array of eligible practice areas and project types, including structural and residential exposure


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