July 2021

Life Sciences represents a huge opportunity for our agency partners and FoundersPro. Although Research & Development, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, nutraceuticals, and medical devices were already on a strong growth track before COVID-19, the ongoing pandemic has further propelled the Life Sciences industry into the public spotlight.

The unprecedented surge in demand is driven not only by the recent shifts in health care delivery, but also our aging population, a growing demand for personalized medicine, and the interlacing of our virtual and biological worlds. We are undergoing a tremendous transformation with endless breakthroughs in new products and solutions that improve our lives.

Founders Professional is pleased to announce the appointment of Kayla Mayhew to Life Sciences Practice Leader. Kayla has been with FoundersPro for 8 years and has flourished in roles of increasing responsibility on our Healthcare Team. Prior to joining FoundersPro, Kayla earned her BASc in Health Services Administration and worked within medical facilities. Her background provides a deeper level of understanding which enhances Kayla’s ability to craft robust, tailored coverage that responds to the unique exposures in the medical community.

Targeting Life Sciences as a separate vertical is part of our overall plan for growth and expansion. We are excited for Kayla to become our dedicated resource in continuing our success in the Life Sciences space. She will be responsible for further cultivating our presence in Life Sciences and growing the book, while she also continues placing Healthcare and Management Liability.


Kayla can be reached at [email protected] or 727.873.7914