Stand-Alone Prior Acts Coverage for Lawyers

Founders Professional is pleased to offer you and your clients access to stand-alone prior acts coverage policies for lawyers.

This program is nationwide and designed to deliver Stand-Alone Prior Acts Coverage for all lawyers, groups of lawyers and dissolving law firms.

Program Features

  • Stand-Alone Policy Wording
  • Unique Policy Wording Tailored for the Estates of Deceased Lawyers Written on a First-Dollar Basis
  • Contingent Coverage Offered for Individuals or Groups Leaving a Firm
  • Direct Coverage Offered for Estates or Dissolving Firms
  • Direct Coverage on a Stand-Alone Policy or as an Endorsement to Existing Coverage
  • One, Two, Three or Six-Year Policies Offered
  • Unique Policy Application; Separate Application for Estates
  • Policy Limits up to $5M/$10M Available
  • Claims-Made Policy Written on Defense Policy Form
  • Primary or Excess Layers will be Considered
  • All Practice Areas Considered
  • All Jurisdictions Considered


When Should Lawyers Buy This?

  • Lawyer retiring from a large law firm and wants sleep insurance
  • Lawyer leaving firm and has concerns with management of the firm going forward
  • Rainmaker leaving firm and has concerns with the financial stability of the firm after departure
  • Lawyer’s new firm does not provide career coverage under their current LPL policy
  • Lawyer’s new firm is requiring an individual ERP (tail)
  • Firm dissolves and it is decided by a majority of the lawyers not to purchase an ERP but several lawyers desire the coverage
  • Length of ERP term desired not offered by current carrier (may only offer a 12 month option)
  • Firm/Lawyer buys a 3 year ERP from their expiring carrier but decide the term is not long enough and want to extend it
  • Firm/Lawyer desires to buy an ERP with lower limits to cut costs
  • Firm/Lawyer being denied extension of their current ERP terms
  • Expiring policy only allows the purchase of ERP is carrier non-renews or cancels (one way ERP provision)
  • Firm/Lawyer concerned with the financial stability of their expiring insurance carrier
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