New Lawyers Professional Liability Insurance Market – Golden Bear


Golden Bear Insurance Company offers a Lawyers Professional liability insurance product that is broadly tailored to meet the needs of all legal professional in a world of emerging risks. Their policy can be further customized to cover unique practice areas.


Golden Bear Insurance Company:
  • Founded in 1978
  • Rated A (Excellent) by A.M. Best
  • Admitted Coverage in Arizona & California
  • Non-Admitted Coverage in Every State Except AZ & CA
  • Primary & Excess Coverage Available
  • Coverage Available for Law Firms with 3- 100 Attorneys
  • Access is Only Available via a Semi-Exclusive Wholesale Distribution Partnership


Coverage Features and Special Enrichments Highlights:
  • Appearance Pay $500 per day up to $10,000 per Policy Period
  • Automatic 30-day Extended Reporting Period
  • Broad Definition of Legal Services
  • Coverage for Wrongful Acts occurring anywhere in the world
  • Crisis Management $25,000
  • Disciplinary Proceeding Expenses up to $25,000 per Policy Period
  • Enhanced Insured Definition including Independent Contractor and Retired Attorneys
  • Optional Extended Reporting Period to Unlimited
    • o Including retirees and disabled attorneys
  • Initial Claim Expenses Coverage
    • The first $5,000 in Claim Expenses is incurred by the Company.
    • The first $5,000 in Claims Expenses shall not reduce the Limits of Liability
  • Intellectual Property Coverage Arising out of Legal Services
  • Mediation Credit of $15,000
  • Mutual Choice of Counsel
  • Subpoena Assistance Coverage
  • Wrongful Act includes Personal Injury and Publishing Offenses





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