contract review
It’s the year 2020 and life as we know it has changed. Everyone is constantly washing their hands. We’ve all become too familiar with the terms “coronavirus” and “social distancing”. Working remotely and e-learning for our children is now the new normal. But what about the industries that can’t work from home? What about construction?...
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Do You Carry Enough Insurance to Work with Us? What do you do if a project comes along that you want to bid on, but you don’t have enough insurance in place to comply with the contract? It’s becoming more and more common for Architecture, Engineering, and other Design firms to bid on contracts that...
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Contract review for A&E firms
The Importance of Contract Review for Your A&E Firm While there are many ways an Architecture, Engineering or Design Firm can manage their risk in providing their services to a 3rd party, a thorough contract review is of utmost importance. With the complex services offered by A&E firms, coupled with the sometimes-challenging projects, an A&E...
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