directors & officers
Class Action COVID Prior to COVID-19, the D&O insurance market was already undergoing a period of remedial correction in terms of both pricing and carrier appetite, following years of soft market trading conditions and heavy losses. However, the initial impact of the pandemic alongside some of the longer-term effects is already being realized, such as...
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Why are Premiums Going Up? March 2020 A private company, with no claims history and no cannabis or crypto currency exposure, gets their management liability renewal quote and the premium is up 20%.  The CFO says, “Our company is the same as it was a year ago, why did my premium increase?” The current premium...
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representations and warranies insurance from founders professional
Representations and warranties insurance, also known as ‘Reps and Warranties’, is the insurance that protects against breaches of contractual representations and warranties that a seller makes in transaction documents during a commercial merger or acquisition. These insurance policies are increasingly purchased for mergers and acquisitions (M&A) transactions to help the buyer and the seller ensure...
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