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10 Reasons Architects & Engineers Need to Buy Cyber Liability Insurance

Why Buy Cyber Liability? 10 REASONS ARCHITECTS, ENGINEERS & CONTRACTORS NEED TO BUY CYBER LIABILITY INSURANCE NOW   1 | PRIVACY LAWS Forty-seven states, the District of Columbia and the federal government have privacy laws requiring prompt notification if personally identifiable information (“PII”) that is not encrypted is lost, stolen or disclosed. Cyber coverage will...
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representations and warranies insurance from founders professional

Reps and Warranties Insurance

Representations and warranties insurance, also known as ‘Reps and Warranties’, is the insurance that protects against breaches of contractual representations and warranties that a seller makes in transaction documents during a commercial merger or acquisition. These insurance policies are increasingly purchased for mergers and acquisitions (M&A) transactions to help the buyer and the seller ensure...
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How to Get Increased Insurance Limits to Meet Contractual Requirements

Do You Carry Enough Insurance to Work with Us? What do you do if a project comes along that you want to bid on, but you don’t have enough insurance in place to comply with the contract? It’s becoming more and more common for Architecture, Engineering, and other Design firms to bid on contracts that...
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new lawyers professional liability insurance program in arizona

SwissRe LPL Program in Arizona

Founders Professional is proud to represent the New SwissRe Lawyers Professional Liability Insurance product in ARIZONA   Never before available in the State of Arizona, SwissRe is excited to launch their industry leading Westport lawyers professional liability insurance program as of October 1, 2019. This program is written on an admitted policy form and is...
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Law Firm Risk Management

5 Risk Management Procedures Your Law Firm Needed Yesterday Last year, I wrote an article on the importance of risk management in law firms, and why it is necessary to help firms run more smoothly, and, above all, avoid claims. But understanding that risk management is important is just a piece of the puzzle. Knowing...
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What Drives Lawyers Professional Liability Insurance Pricing?

So, here’s the scene: Peter, a Real Estate attorney in southern California, is having drinks with a friend from law school, Blaine, also an attorney who specializes in Real Estate.  Both have been practicing law for several years and have small boutique law firms in the area.  They’re in a packed, trendy LA cocktail lounge...
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Contract review for A&E firms

Contract Review for A&E Firms

The Importance of Contract Review for Your A&E Firm While there are many ways an Architecture, Engineering or Design Firm can manage their risk in providing their services to a 3rd party, a thorough contract review is of utmost importance. With the complex services offered by A&E firms, coupled with the sometimes-challenging projects, an A&E...
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Retro Repair

Repairing Gaps in Claims-Made Policies In the world of claims-made insurance policies, the retroactive date, or prior acts date, is everything to your insured. This is the date that starts uninterrupted claims-made coverage, with the insurance company the insured is currently with, no matter the company the insured started the retro date with. A claim...
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Assisted Living Insurance Market – Under Pressure

Over the next couple of decades, the United States will see unprecedented growth in its senior population as the “Baby Boomer” generation (born between 1946 and 1964) ages. Over 10,000 baby boomers turn 65 every day.  With this influx of aging boomers, increases in healthcare demands will be seen throughout the healthcare industry, with the...
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Jackie Jacobs, RPLU Joins Founders Professional

Founders Professional is very excited to announce our latest hire! Please join us in welcoming highly respected broker Jackie Jacobs to the team. Jackie will be based out of Tampa, Florida and will focus her efforts on assisting our retail agency partners with the placement of their distressed professional liability and management liability risks. Before...
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